Saturday, December 11, 2010

Velicity Von

Suck That Head!

The best video Velicity Von has done is with Shane Diesel for his site Shane Diesel's Bangin Babes and Mr. Biggz. In the video, some great footage is captured. First, she is damn hot. Blond, big tits, and big ass. It also adds greatly that she absolutely loves Shane Diesel's dick not the fake love that most porn vids have but really attraction towards it. It's either that or Shane just really wanted his dick sucked the whole time. In the vid, he could care less about the fucking. He walks in around 3:50 and she's sucking his dick by 5:43. And this is an extended suck session. It goes on till about 8:27 at which point they do a little fucking cause it is a porno. He fucks her pretty well and gives her the good stuff. He then has her suck it again @ 11:20. (Then and for throughout the rest of the scene whenever she kisses the cock it's amazingly hot). Then he has her suck again @ 16:30 and this is another big one ranging for about two minutes. Then he gets up and she thinks he's ready to fuck again BUT NO, he then promptly but the dick back in her mouth for some more oral pleasure. But they do some more fucking eventually but then he pops out and she kisses it out of pure admiration and then starts sucking it YET again @ 22:51. They do some more fucking and once shes about to reach orgasm Shane takes it out of her pussy and puts it in her mouth @ 26:19. Then they switch locations, it's a different set. It's the final stretch so she thinks she all done with the sucking. WRONG! About half-way (28:56) Shane has her suck it yet again. And then he wraps it up and after the cumshot, she sucks to finish. Shane's dick got what it wanted.

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Another highlight is @ 17:45 she gives this "god I fucking love you" look to him as he puts his legs up

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